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Mika Sheet Music/Guitar tabs?


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Does anyone know where i can find sheet music for Grace Kelly or any of his other songs. I've pretty much figured out 'Stuck in the Middle.' I reallllly want guitar tabs for Happy Ending and if anyone is interested i have guitar tabs for Grace Kelly, Any Other World and Billy Brown. Thank you!<3



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oo,oo, i'm interested!

i've started trying to work 'em out too, but, as much as i love getting it right once in a while, i'm pretty useless and reasonably sure i'm far off, especially on the piano, which i've just taken off the mothballs, so, if u could post/send/smoke signal those tabs and sheets I WILL WORSHIP YOU!

speaking of which, i learned guitar by myself too, its not as frightening as it seems and the rewards are through the roof(especially when you surpass people who have been paying for lessons for ages:naughty: )

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