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I think mika is gay, he looks gay and sounds gay, but don't get me wrong i am MAD about Mika.

Well Lollipop, "sucking to hard on your lollipop" and "Look at me i am blue as can be so love can't get me down" You have got to admit that is a WEE bit gay.

And Grace Kelly (Witch is the best song since Don't Stop Me Now - Queen)

"I tryed to be like Grace Kelly but the look were to sad" Grace kelly is a very UNATRACTIVE actress who died in 1982.



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Do we have to go here again? Already had numerous threads regarding Mika's sexuality - and the general consensus here is that its not important... what matters is his music :) While we can all have our opinions, at the end of the day... let's just enjoy the music! Gay, straight or bi... doesn't matter to me! I still love him whatever his preference!


Oh and I think Grace Kelly was beautiful!

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