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Mika Love today - acoustic


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LOVE it thank YOU! best clip ever. :blush-anim-cl:

it's great how the song's emotion is shown on his voice and face.

and the background harmonizing sounds great! :thumb_yello:


i love the way the cam zooms into his shoes. :mf_lustslow: very lovely shoes.

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I love the acoustic versions of all his songs, he performs them so well and no one is like the other.


I do like listening to 'love today' really loud in the car, when I am driving , especially the bits when he changes his vocals and almost begs: 'love, love me' it is so Mika, pleading......this is a little lost on most of his acoustic performances , the only one that comes close to this for me is on youtube 4pl

: mika and love today 4play


does anyone agree with me on this?

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