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A Few questions...


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Edit: My first post was so stupid..... Dont read it..... :naughty::mf_rosetinted:



A big hello from the North East of England! Yay!


Wow, this site is amazing. There's some real dedicated Mika fans out there!


I just wanted to ask a few things.


1. You know those status's that appear under peoples names [like mine is 'new Mika fan' and some peoples are like 'Mika groupie' or whatever]

How do we improve our status's? Do we have to donate, or post a certain amount of threads or like log in everyday?


2. I was wondering if Mika was going to get any more dates around the North East any time soon. [prefereably Leeds, Donny, Sheffield, Hull area].


Cool!! Id love for people to reply and add me on myspace so we can talk A LOT about MIKA!! :mf_lustslow:




Sarah xxx

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