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Have you guys seen this?


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If this has already beeen posted, my apologies. I just thought it was too good to not share. It's Mika doing a cover of "Everybody's Talking" by Harry Nielson..was it? Hmm..Well Mika lovers, i advise you to check it out, it made me cry it was so beautiful.:boxed:





Like I said, if it's been posted already, sorry!

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OMG -my brother used to play the clarinet - I can still remember the chalk board grating sounds he used to make:shocked: (no disrespect I'm sure you're brilliant!).

As long as I can hit the high notes in Grace Kelly when I see him on Tues I shall be happy - hoarse but happy!!

:naughty: :naughty:

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Gorgeous isn't it. When he was on SKY all last week it showed it & I thought he sang it beautifully too -he's got such a versatile voice. Apparently he has an 8 octave range.



No way! There's no-one has a voice of that range. The exaggerations by the press are getting outrageous! I saw an interview with him in which the interviewer asked him about his 5 octave range (that's what most articles have claimed) but he denied it. He admitted to four. And even that's pretty incredible. But EIGHT? Not possible, and I'm sure he'd agree!


We have a grand piano with a longer keyboard than many pianos, and IT only has 7½ octaves!


Don't believe all you hear in the press! :wink2:

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Many thanks for putting us right Gill. Just shows how much I know about octav:blush-anim-cl: es!

Well, whatever his vocal range, it's amazing, he sounds fantastic, his songs are fabulous, AND he's cute! What more do we need??!!

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Thank you so much for posting - I wasn't aware of this. I absolutely love the acoustic songs with just MIKA playing the piano! His voice is so beautiful that he doesn't need all of the backup support that so many artists need (ie. Madonna).


j'aime les cheveux bouclés des MIKA! :wub2:


Jeffery in San Francisco

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