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Mika knocked off top spot!


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I hate that Kaiser Cheifs song.

I think Grace Kelly had kind of run it's course [it even broke records being the 2nd ever to get no 1 on downloads alone]


But still....

It couldn't have been knocked off by a song i despise even more....GRRR!


I think our army of Mika fans needs to get downloading and get it back to the top spot....or prepare ourselves for Love today to knock the kaisers off.....!!

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Ruby is at number1 !

Mika Groupie


Sadly it was to be expected thanks to the hype radio 1 created over the past 2 or so weeks. just in case you missed it look at what I wrote yesterday on this subject, here is a copy .....



just thought of something that made me chuckle




So we know Grace Kelly will be knocked off the no 1 spot on Sunday, probably by the Kaiser Chiefs...(although they have also overplayed Ruby, esp on radio 1) but let's say Ruby replaces Grace \Kelly...


Let's assume that Ruby stays No 1 for 4 weeks (although I can't see this because I think it had too much airtime already)


Let's say that Take That will therefore stay on no2 just as Just Jack did and that it will not reach the top...


Let's hope that Mika is ready to release the Love Today as a download within the next 4 weeks, with the video ready to get airtime...


That would give Ruby 4 weeks at the top spot just to be knocked off again ....by Mika...


How funny would that be? It would become a personal vendetta...


Maybe then, if it would reach no 1 through downloads only, they would bring the actual cd release date forward and that would leave him there for another 4/5 weeks


mmmhmm, interesting thought

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In my humble opinion...


When I had MIKA's CD flown over to this side of the pond, he became the number one on my chart.


He will stay number one as best male vocalist for the 21st century... on my own chart. I have not heard his equal since the Great Danny Elfman (Marks Number One for the 20th Century).


I do not anticipate being here for the 22nd Century. I will leave that to future generations.


Marcos de Ninguna Lado

a.k.a. -Mark

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Remember, songs which are already availiable to download through albums don't do as well though, except the odd one (lets hope Love Today is the odd one ;))


I have figures, Mika sold 32,000 copies of Grace Kelly, i don't have the Kaisers figures but earlier in the week they were 5k ahead to give you a bit of an idea.

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