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mikasounds.com thanks fans for great KOKO night! - 2007


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A special thank you to all of you who managed to get along to the Koko gig last night. It was a great evening and your enthusiastic participation was a major factor. Thanks again!




Sorry if its posted already.. ran a search and didn't find it :)


KOKO did rock though! :punk:

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What're they going to do though? We've nearly got twice as many members and there are regularly over 200 online here, but on the other board you are usually on your own - it's lonely over there, mind you I have seen some of you lot over there!

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Haha I'm also still shamelessly promoting the fanclub everywhere I post :bleh:


Me too! and everyone I talk too, and I talk a lot! It's nice that Mika said thankyou though isn't it? How many other pop stars thank their fans!?!

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