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Mika - Top 4 Longest Stint at Number one for the past 7 years


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Mika is one of the top 4 chart toppers to remain at number one for the longest time in the last 7 years. He has already been named as the second record to ever get to number one on downloads only :)


On the singles chart, his conquerors are the Kaiser Chiefs, whose Ruby takes advantage of Grace Kelly’s understandable fatigue - its sales dipped 25.6% to just short of 32,000, bringing the curtain down on its five week run at number one, a longer stint than 200 of the 21st century’s previous 204 chart toppers.
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Looks like your there already and doing a great job!!!!! , Ill help you , they will take a battering today being at school and all that :wink2:


Yeh, great Freddie, except that's where I'l be as well - AT SCHOOL -WORKING!!:sneaky2: !!

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hi Strudel,


is it possible the give me the source this info comes from, I want to research something


By the way, how long was Lionna No 1 for?



Also Question for Freddiesdouble:


Do you ever get any work done?


I myself have to steal time (now and late at night, so I survive on little sleep )

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