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Mika's takes the mike


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Manchester Evening News

Posted by Lawrence Poole on February 26, 2007 12:47 PM




CONSIDERING the speed with which Mika took the British music world by storm, you could be forgiven for thinking the Lebanon-born phenomenon was the cynical concoction of a record company scientist, hired to fuse the soaring, disco camp of the Scissor Sisters with the dynamic showmanship of Freddie Mercury.


As on paper there is no doubt such a thrilling cocktail would shift units by the truckload and so it has proved.


Of course in reality, Mika was actually rejected by a number of record execs before finally securing his big break, apparently including pop impresario Simon Cowell.


After rocketing to the number one slot with his debut offering Grace Kelly, Mika now hits the live trail aiming to prove he’s no one hit wonder and he possesses the potential for career longevity that is so often missing with many artists.


He plays here a sold out show at Academy 2 on Tuesday, but expect a city return to a larger space before the end of the year.

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MeimeI88. thanks for the above. Nice preview, I'm looking forward to the review on this gig


Photo is lovely too.


A comment on looking skinny? He is very tall, all arma and legs and because he does not keep still , his own reference is ' hyperactive pop ' he seems more skinny than someone of the same weight/bonestructure.


I do think that he looked very skinny on the Radio 2 interview at Maida Vale studios, it was also the angle it was shot from and the shirt he was wearing...

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