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spare ticket for Leeds, 28 Feb 2007??


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Does anyone have a spare ticket for tomorrow night at Leeds please? Hubby now wants to come along!!! I am already going with Sister Jane ... if anyone has a spare I'd be ever so pleased to hear about it.


Thanks anyone who can help!



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Thanks girls! I have so many kisses to give MIKA from other people if I meet him again, hope I don't forget to give him mine! (Like THAT would happen!!).


Oooh I am smitten ... :wub2: :wub2: :wub2:


Sara-loves-Mika, hope it doesn't have to come to eating your own limbs etc ... you will get to see him one day, you WILL. and you'll have to come and meet us lot too before a gig. It's the law I'm afraid! No escape :wink2:




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