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Mika, ABC, Glasgow


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February 28 2007


ANYONE who topples Leona Lewis from the top of the charts is off to a good start. Mika, the flamboyant 23-year-old who won best new talent in the BBC's Sound of 2007 music poll, had Glasgow's metrosexuals out in force on Monday night.


The majority of the set is from debut album Life in Cartoon Motion, and it is amazing how familiar these songs already feel. Billy Brown and Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) had the crowd singing along as if it was a greatest hits tour, and Relax (Take it Easy) already seems a bit like a post-ironic Polo Lounge classic.


The panto element of the evening came in the form of Lollipop girl (was it only me who found her disturbingly menacing?) and the eponymous Big Girl, dressed in a rodeo-meets-burlesque (by way of the Playboy mansion) ensemble that defied the laws of corsetry. Oh, yes. And we truly entered the realm of the surreal when giant balloons were sent flying around under the biggest glitter ball in the city.


The snake-hipped Beirut-born crooner was dressed from head to toe in immaculate white, and apart from an ill-advised trip down memory lane with his first demo track (way too Jeff Buckley), it was a performance that showcased his fantastically wacky band. Scottish guitarist Marti went down a storm in his kilt, but it was the cheeky-faced female drummer who stole the show.


With Barrowland and T in the Park to come, Mika will give super-stardom his best shot in 2007, but it was another smooth move for him to praise the fans who had bought their tickets for this sell-out gig "before everything got hyped up".




Ooh! Marti in a Kilt!!... :) Sounds like the reviewer didn't like Over My Shoulder... I still love it!

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Thanks for this post, puts me into a super mood before setting off to work!


'snake-hipped Beirut-born crooner' what a unique description, I now have this odd vision in my head.....


I do hope he keeps his band, they all juat bounce off each other, and the drummer is a great character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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but it was the cheeky-faced female drummer who stole the show


This is not good other people have noticed that shes amazing!!! :wub2: :wub2:

She is is a real scream, absolutely amazing, her facial expressions and body language during the deliveries of the songs!! You know why Mika picked her, she suits him down to the ground!


So you are not really in for the music but......

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