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2007 - Mika in Stockholm


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I wished.


But 1) Its 18 years old limit, right?

2) I miss it!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGGHH! Im going to the Netherlands the same day as he comes to Copenhagen and will miss that AND Sthlm. grr . . why god, WHYY? haha


hoppas att du har kul där iallafall.

/sur malmöit


(hope you have fun there anyway

/grumpy malmöit [<-lol])

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HI everyone! There is a agelilmit at 18 but you can come in if you have a parent with you. Then you will have those (armband :P) so that they cant serve you alcohol. :P (I have called and asked! =P) :thumb_yello:

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it does take a while to get to Finland from Sweden you know :blink:



actually that is a pretty far distance......and then she will need to sleep the jouney off :blink:

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1. Relax (Take It Easy)

2. Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)

3. My Interpretation

4. Billy Brown

5. Over My Shoulder

6. Everybody's Talking (?) (Dunno what this song is, but he sang the line "Everybody's talking" some times during the song)

7. Stuck In The Middle

8. Ring Ring

9. Holy Johnny (NEW SONG!)

10. Love Today

11. Grace Kelly

*Encore Break*

12. Lollipop

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Im back fellas!! :naughty:

You lovely people, you just try to imagine: Mika was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwweeeesoommeee! :cool:

I'll try to post tomorrow, Im off today...

Or maybe tonight I could come here! :mf_rosetinted:



Maybe the worst pic anyone has took in there... and it's taken by me.

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Hehehe Satu we want to hear ALLLL about it :wink2:


And its a picture of Mika .......we all Love it no matter what quality it is :thumb_yello:


Looks like you wer close to the front though :blink:

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Yep-p. ... ... ... ;)


heheh come on give us the Gossip Satu ....


we have all been literally Dying to hear from you .....did you meet Mika?

Did you get an autograph?

How was the concert?

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