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Anyone seen this lollipop girl??


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Has anyone seen this particular lollipop girl??? as if my detecting skills are working it is infact Paloma Penniman-MiKA`s sister!!

I have also found the photo of his other sister Yasmine (in pink)but the girl in white is Paloma(love that name-Picasso`s daughters name who is a designer at Tiffany`s! sorry tmi!) what do you all think is it her? she does look like the Queen of Nabu don`t you think?

Bye the way dunno who the girl in photo next to Lollipop girl is so hope you don`t mind me taking your photo.


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Check this one out I took last night - it could be her!


could be!!

I am sure she is the one in the Grace Kelly video who puts the cream dress over her black clothes and twirls around. Although I have been wrong on many an occasion!!


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hey, at least there are only 2 :P


I would be freaked if i became a celeb and my personal life were spread out paperthin.


omg, but the sister in white DOES look like mika. the bones under her eyes jut out like his.

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