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Its the big one - Favourite Track On The Album

Whats your fav fav fav track :)  

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  1. 1. Whats your fav fav fav track :)

    • Grace Kelly
    • Lollipop
    • My Interpretation
    • Love Today
    • Relax Take It Eaaassssyyyyy
    • Any Other World
    • Billy Brown
    • Big Girl - You Are Beautiful
    • Stuck In The Middle
    • Happy Ending / Over My Shoulder

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Top Posters In This Topic

I don't know....maybe "Relax, take it easyyyyyyy":roftl: ...this was the first song I heard from him, so it brings back sweet memories:blush-anim-cl: , but actually I could say "the best" about all the songs....

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Ohh I meant to start it !! , stupid me , so for me its Any Other World , I think it an amazing track for a new artist and will gives us an insight into something very special that will develop with Mika .. hard choice , Grace , Relax , Love today are amazing too


Remember to vote ! :thumb_yello:

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Stuck In The Middle, no doubt there :mf_rosetinted: The lyrics are amazing and the tune is just my kind of tune really :mf_rosetinted: A second favourite would probably be either Grace Kelly or Any Other World, but they're all good :wub2:

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I like them all.. but I wish I picked grace kelly now... I feel sorry for it and I really like x3.

If it was a different song released first.. I think that more people would of picked grace kelly. I cant explain it XD

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I picked Love Today :D

I love the beat in big girls :D

I like stuck in the middle too..specially the end.. where he goes a doo ba ba.. ba ba ba ba ba zaap XD wiiickeed. :D

Grace Kelly is so fun to sing along to... but its a challenge. I dont know how she does it.. he must get out of breath.. well.. he said that in one of his vids x3

I could go on forever :D

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I love happy ending but I'm the only one!

I think it's the story in the lyrics that I like but also it's just a really powerfull song.

But I adore them all really for all sorts of reasons:wub2:


lv, andi xxx

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Yeh that song is great , not only that but we are so much in the day of age where people are supposed to match what they see in the magazines , when in fact they have been airbrushed to high heaven!!!!


I have 15 and 13 year old daughters - and try hard to keep them happy in themselves - so it doesnt become an image thing - but its quite hard given all the media coverage of size 0 etc.

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