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North American Fans Unite


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I was thinking this could be a thread for news pertaining to North American events........ ??? Not to leave anyone out... just so we can post news we here and know right where to go for info. Maybe there are even a few USA fans on here from the same part of the country??? I know there are a few in Montreal.


So for instance here are two shows I know of in the US:


3/25 - The Troubador Los Angeles, CA

3/29 - Grammercy Theater New York, NY


I apologize if these are posted already.....


Also does anyone have any info. on the Saturday Night Live date, etc.?


Please comment as to whether this is a good idea or not.....


Thank you Mika fans!!!

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And I almost forgot SXSW!!!


Anyone in Austin have any info? Or been to this festival before and can tell us what it's like... how hard is it to see the acts you want to see...


Stuff like this is what I had in mind!!!

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Humpfree, NYC still available....... and look into Austin for the SXSW. I looked and it would take you about 20 hours to drive but didnt' you say your mom was going to fly you to CA??? Austin would be way more intimate.

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Count me in!!!


I'm like you all - I always find out about events past their due date, haha!


I'm in Vancouver, (Canada eh :D) so on the off-chance I actually find out about a gig I'll let you all know!


Great idea lauda :)

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I'm trying to talk mum and dad to letting me go see him. I'm in Boston on the 28th to see OK Go and it's just a three-four hour drive from there, and then I'm in Boston all weekend, so it might definitely be a possibility!

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Well..... SXSW location and time have been confirmed!!


Friday, March 16 1:00 a.m.

La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)

Add this to your SXSW Calendar


This is in Austin TX


here is the line-up for that night:



Seth Lakeman 8:30 p.m. Devon UK Singer-Songwriter

James Morrison 9:30 p.m. London UK Pop

A Winehouse 10:30 p.m.

Special Guest 11:45 p.m. London UK

Mika 1:00 a.m. London UK Pop


Looks like a good one. Anyone have any experience w/ this festival?

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So... what news everyone?



All I know is what I posted under another topic -- that Mika is supposed to be on the Jay Leno show on March 26, and on March 29: Good Morning, America (on ABC). He's also supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 29th, but I don't know how he can be there and also be in New York for his show that same night... the timing's too tight.


But still no word on any other US dates. There's supposed to be a CD release party at a club in Boston, but they don't actually say that Mika will be there for it... That's supposed to be on March 30 at a place called the Club Cafe... I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for some show in the DC area... but nothing so far.

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I would totally be in favor of such a thread. I live in San Francisco, and hope to find out the moment his first appearance here is announced.


Looks like the usual gang of slimy scalpers are already selling tickets to the LA show on eBay. I swear, there will be a special place in hell for scalpers.


But in brighter news, thanks for beginning this thread!

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I had heard they were trying to work out a date. For the March 24th date the musical guest is TBA and the next live show after that is April 14th but Avril L is scheduled but April 24 is still TBA. I got this from an SNL forum and I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear something!!

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I'd love to see him on tv... or in person... which would be waaay better!


I feel for you not being able to get tix - I've never had to deal with that as I usually don't go to very popular shows... Mika will be my first (If he ever shows his cute ass up north!)

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Does anyone know if hes playing on any radio stations in the US? I haven't heard him anywhere except online and would love to start requesting his song on stations to get him more exposure =D


I haven't heard him playing on radio, or seen him on TV. However, I heard people talking they saw Mika on MTV. Now every morning, instead of morning news I have MTV on, but... nothing yet :blink:

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