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Mika in Miami photos


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Here are two pictures I found on the web...


The first one is actually the color version of a little picture in the black and white photo montage that we know.


The second one is new, and guess who's hands it is ? :blush-anim-cl:


I found those pics on Jodi Marr's Flickr page.


Have a good day in cartoon motion





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The guy with MIKA is songwriter Desmond Child.

As MIKA doesn`t sight read he plays piano as he wants not actual chords and stuff so looks as if hes helping him out.

Wonder if MIKA plays guitar too as really long finger nails and they look very well manicured!

I love MIKA`s bangle and could be persuaded to change a certain jumper for that. if you are reading this MIka???


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