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Two new mika pics


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Two pics found on flickr...


The first is at a post brighton show, the second one I don't know.


Okay gotta go to work now...:blush-anim-cl:


Have a good day in cartoon motion




nice :):punk:

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As much as I would love a hug from Mika, I'm afraid it would look odd, as I'm so short (5ft) and he's so tall, the person taking the photo would have to stand a fair ways back to get us both in.:roftl:

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Hehe Ever since that one interview I always think of his lazy eye when I see his pictures. His eyes always look so wide now (and of course so gorgeous):wub2::blush-anim-cl:


Ah, lucky minx! I wouldn't mind getting that close to him. I'de have to wear killer heels, though. I'm so short :( haha

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He just looks so friendly all the time - he looks as if he is their best freind on the photos!


I would seriously pass out if I even saw him in real life lol - let alone got to touch him :mf_lustslow: hahaha

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