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When Is Mika's Birthday?


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ofcourse he is a LEO!!!


LOL i have something weird with Leos...i LOVE! them even before i know they r leos...


ill tell u a story... once i went on a trip and we had a guide....kinda ugly! lol...and i was a bit attracted to him.... i told my friend "go ask him if he is a leo!" haha she asked and he was!!!

its so weird... im allways atracted to LEOS!

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hiya i just came across this post and u guys here are probably right but i went on mika's myspace and everyone is wishing him happy birthday!!! does anyone know why??? lol


Yeah I saw that today too and I was confused !!! I tried searching the internet but the few of them that did mention his birthdate... welll they had all different dates ! :blink:

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