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A star is born - Grace Kelly Is No One Hit Wonder - Q Mag

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Mika - Review In Aprils Q magazine


Re-Recorded @ Yahoo UK




Twenty three year old Mika Penniman is a an astonishing talent. This live session , recorded at noted London Jazz Ronnie Scott's , blows the frequency made to comparisons Scissor Sisters out of the water and demands instead that he upgraded to Elton John's heir apparent.In lesser hands , Billy Brown (in which a wife loses her husband to another man) could be irratingly camp , but Mika brushes aside such objectives with the skill of a young Freddie Mercury.A cover of Fred Neil's Everbody's Takin' and his own My Interpretation are hugely impressive,but its his number 1 single Grace Kelly that's hs real showstopper.It begins with thumping at the keyboard before singing ,"I could be hurtful / I could be purple / I could be anything you like," in a flawless falsetto that peaks with a not as high as a dog whistle.


On this evidence the world is his oyster ... 4 stars out of 5

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ooh, great review.. :thumb_yello: took the words right out of my mind!


i used to wonder why i didn't find billy brown annoying when mika sang it...i guess there's just SOMETHING that mika does to ensure that all his songs are likeable! ah, the mikamagic....:thumb_yello:

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I agree , every breakthrough artist needs a breakthrough track and Grace Kelly is it , amazing .. I like Love Today as well mind ya :mf_lustslow:


I do so agree,


'Love today' is a beautiful trck but I can already see the critics pulling it apart and having a go at the way he pleads 'love, love me' not seeing it as the ftack/storyline Mika intended it to be.


I hope this will not happen, but I have already heard comments along those lines...

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The critics will never ever get his "tongue in cheekness" , but to me thats what makes him great :biggrin2:


well put, indeed that's what makes him unique, and in many interview he has proven that.He gets the better of all of them:naughty:

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