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Mika in a Local Kuwaiti Magazine [English]


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I wrote an article about Mika in a local English magazine here in Kuwait called 'Bazaar' and it got published (YAY!)


I'm sorry the scan of the page is awful, but it was too big for my scanner. :(


Click thumbnail for larger version.



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Thanks Babspanky!


Mirtilla, would you believe me if I said I jumped around like a crazed lunatic when I bought the magazine and found the article? Because that's what I did! hahaha :roftl:

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Awww...thanks Raha! :)


I was really worried I wouldn't do Mika any justice in this article, but everyone's feedback over here has been positive! THANKS! :original:

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wow. reading that article about him, was......very insightful. Written like a professional! Great Job!


Thanks so much!!!!!! :blush-anim-cl: :blush-anim-cl: :blush-anim-cl: Glad you enjoyed reading it :original:

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