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Hi everybody!


Just thought it'd be good to introduce myself..

So.. My name is Rosa and I'll be 17 in next month. I'm from Finland aand.. I first heard of Mika from radio and then saw his video for Grace Kelly on MTV, and what can I say? It just hit me hard and now I'm sitting here with life in cartoon motion in my hands, just got it today! So off I go to listen to it :)



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Top Posters In This Topic

Thank you everyone, for welcoming me :)

I've only been a member for a while now and I already love this place, such a cosy forum and so many nice people! I guess it's true that Mika fans are special ;)


Hello and welcome.:thumb_yello:

You might as well put the rest of your CD's away for a while now because once you've hear Life In Cartoon Motion you're not going to want to listen to anything else for ages!!! :naughty:

Yeah, I kind of figured that out XD It's been playing nonstop for the last hour and there's no way I'm gonna stop now! :D

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