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The Edge Giveaway! CD Release Party 30 Mar

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"Life in Cartoon Motion" on CD from Mika! - An EDGE "Mika" CD Release Party Exclusive!


It’s all part of the EDGE Boston "Mika" CD Release Party being held on March 30 at Club Cafe!


EDGE is giving away copies of the hot debut album "Life in Cartoon Motion" from Mika!




Winners MUST be available to claim their prizes at the EDGE "Mika" CD Release Party being held at Club Cafe on Friday, March 30. Winners must be able to present themselves to the EDGE staff between 9:30PM-11PM. NO PRIZES WILL BE MAILED TO WINNERS.


Check your email on March 29! All event prizes will be awarded then.


Mika wants to set the bar for fantastical, 3 dimensional pop at his own height. Which is over 6’ and statuesquely sculptured, since you ask.


Welcome to his world: where some louche dilettante is throwing the greatest party in the universe and everyone is invited under his very own cherry moon. Mika is a songwriter, performer, producer and orchestrator and he’s ready to unleash his debut album to the world. Both astonishingly musical and profoundly thoughtful, his tunes combine a heady euphoric rush with darker unexpected elements: daytime melodramas and night-time tales of love, loss, abandonment, hope and happiness. They all jostle together for attention, each one a pure pop golden nugget.


Keep it on the EDGE!


***** Please note, the giveaway you are entering is OFFICIALLY related to the EDGE "Mika" DVD Release Party at Club Cafe on Friday, March 30, 2007. PRIZES WON, MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE EVENT, NO EXCEPTIONS.




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Oh, if only I could.


But does this mean that there's a DVD out there? Will there be more copies available soon? Have I missed something? CW - you'd know!


<---thinking the same

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