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nearly new Mika song ....lyrics by Mika..chosen by you


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:punk: I've been pondering over an idea over a week or so and I think I've sorted out how it can work....


I'd like to ...'create'...a new song, a Mika song-...written by Mika....

(the lyrics might sound familiar to him, the song in its entirety will not)


I need your help for this to work:


(only continue reading if you are a serious Mika addict!)


I think we could try our hands at a Mika medley , using any of his lyrics that we like best, but only genuinely his own lyrics, no other words mixed in, and mix them together to form a new song...which I'd then get to him and ask him to set to music and maybe play at one of his gigs as an encore for his devoted fans...I think it would be great fun for us to work on and maybe fun for him too.



so first of all we need to find our favourite lyrics, just one line each, to make it easier I've posted a link for you to check out:




when I have enough lyrics (at random), we sort them and find a kind of order for a song,

then we find a title



but that's enough for now, let's get started, ...only one line please (quote which song it is from please)


I have many ideas for starters but I'll wait what you can come up with...


so over to you.....:punk:

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i got 3 favourites, 2 of them are from the same song (My Interpretation), so choose the one you prefer:

1. Coz i dont care if i ever talk to you again

2. I dont need a reason not to care what you say

3. Push my back against the wall


that's a great idea!! :punk: very well done!!:thumb_yello:

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With so many like us, she's going to make this thing the next couple of weeks, Freddie!


I can't wait to see the result by the way.. This is gonna be one pretty weird song! Which melody are you going to use, Steph?

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I think my Mika obsession has gone haywire, so the only sentence that fits me right now is,


"Won't somebody save me, from you now" (From 'Ring, Ring')


So I'm going with that one :D



That was witty! :naughty:

I can relate to that one! :lmao:

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