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I just joined today, so I thought I should take the opportunity to introduce myself here! I am fairly new to Mika's music, but I was an instant fan when I heard Grace Kelly. Quite a few of my friends had told me beforehand that he was a great new artist and I certainly agreed with them once I heard him!


Anyway, my name is Amanda and I'm 22 years old. I work with children and when I am not doing that I am spending time with family or my boyfriend.


Other interests of mine is mostly music. I am a hard core Queen fan - they are my all-time favorite band. I find it intriguing that Mika is compared to Freddie, although there are tons of difference between them as well as similiarities. I just love the fact that he is completely different from mainstream music and that he has such a unique persona!


I am also a huge No Doubt/Gwen Stefani fan. I would list other music I like, but Queen/No Doubt are tops with me. :-)


I love going to concerts whenever I can....and I really hope to get the opportunity to see Mika live when/if he comes to the US.


Anyway...that's just a bit about me! I look forward to chatting to you all!

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