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Hello everybody!!!


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Just writed to say hello!


What should I say?...well, I'm italian and I'm deeply in love with that guy called Mika! and if even Brian May agrees with me,well... think that's enough, isn't it???


my fave Mika's song is Love Today, there's no doubt.it's simply astounding,it makes me feel so happy and positive about everything!


I've been a Queen fan (and a Brian May's fan! I play guitar and my dream is to reach even only half of his level!) since a long time, and I didn't use to listen to contemporary music, but the first time I heard Mika I thought "oh my god! is this a rare Freddie's song or what??". then I discovered that it was Mika and I was soooo happy to know a new real music talent...

that's it!

now I'm Mika addicted..:naughty:


well, I also listen to Pink Floyd, the Doors, the Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and others...

I never thought that I would have listened to music such as Mika's!


(as Bri says) Cheers!


Mika-holic (aka Sofia)

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welcome in the army of freddie fans. the fact that even after 16 years from his death we talk about him it is a miracle come true. just like the immortals fairy tellers, the human legends never die.

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