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Kids with Mika??? :roftl: :roftl: :roftl:


mine would look gorgeous, he/she'd be tall (not as Mika but surely taller than me!), would have brown eyes (mine are brown too), curly hair ...... beautiful lips and nose and a great talent in music (I play the guitar and I'm quite good, Mika is soo talented so...)


a perfect child.. hopefully a boy


Mirinam, you made my day a dream with this thread! :mf_lustslow:

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Lol! Great thread :wink2:


Mine would look just like Mika and have a passion for pizza and diet coke :roftl:


I bet if Mika does read this forum he is totally petrified after reading this :roftl:


Petrified is an understatement!


I mean, reading this has sort of gotten me freaked out, I can only imagine the psychological damage it would bring upon Mika! :shocked:

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The making part would sure be fun!!!





The girls would be medium-tall, have curves and curles and be skinny! And have big blue eyes. and and and - i dunno! Haha.. Lol :roftl:

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I agree :P

I don't think Mika will freak out, I think he will laugh of us ;p

I think Mika would have spasm after reading this but ok. Hope he`ll forgive us all... :blink:

I have curly hairs just like Mika, so our kid would have them too. I`m not as skiny as he is but I`m not fat either so on this side our kid would be normal. and tall, well not So tall like Mika is but still... Yeah, and the baby would Definitely be veeeery handsome and funny and a totaly good and lovable person :punk::thumb_yello:

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