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"Mika's Cartoon Motion" - Toronto Star


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Pop singer Mika decks out his concert venues with balloons, confetti, clowns and all things reminiscent of a 6-year-old's birthday party.


"What I try to do is take reality and just hype it up to a level where it makes it more livable," explains the 23-year-old newcomer who exploded onto the music scene earlier this year.


Tall and lanky, Mika wears a bright orange hooded sweatshirt and his long curly hair sways in every direction as he talks about his debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, which entered Canada's SoundScan charts at number 2.


Helped by massive hype and reviews comparing him to legends Elton John, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, Mika has already logged a five-week stay at No. 1 with his single "Grace Kelly" in the U.K. where his album also took the top spot.


For Mika, all of this attention marks a sharp turnaround in a life full of instability.


Continued at: http://www.thestar.com/artsentertainment/article/196061

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