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What football team does Mika support?


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Hi guys.


Where abouts in London does Mika live?


I just wondered if Mika likes football?


If he does what team does he support?


I really appreciate your help with this matter





OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH Great question! I've always wanted to know! He doesn't look like the type to watch footie but you never know! I hope he does!! :roftl:

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he answered this question in an interview with the german vanity fair:


Q: what's your fave football team?

A: i have nooo idea, that's not my world. (...)


you can find the translation for the whole interview here:



Thats does not really surprise me - the guy is so busy that I think checking his emails, and surfing the net etc are probably the only things he has time or energy for!!

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I agree, I don't think goes for practice eighter

and is so weird because he has the hottest body!



yeah i also was wondering already if he does any sports and if yes, which. i mean, at the moment he has enough exercise by dancing on stage, but what did he do before? on the other hand, there are guys who can eat what they want, do no sports at all and stay so skinny. unfair. :boxed:

well if he does any sports it's probably not swimming, as he doesn't like water. :wink2: i could imagine him inline skating. :original:

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