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Hello from the Midwest USA!


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I am a mother of two, youngest is a teenager...so I am probably the oldest one here! My kids just shake their head at me because I just love Mika's music. It makes me smile :) Anyway, nice to meet you all :)

And to the cutey Mika....you are adorable! Keep making people smile with your music and cute dimples. :):wink2:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hello and Welcome..:winksmiley02: I'm also a mother of Two Boys who also look at me weird... because i love Mika Music..

But dont worry bout it, i think all kids think their parents are weirdoes.. it just goes like that.

The important thing is that you and I know that this club is the coolest to be in, therefore we are the COOOOOLEST Mommys around....:cool:

and watch pretty soon everyone will want to be cool like us Mika Fans..

you just wait.:roll1:

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OldFogeyFan, Welcome!!! :wink2:

Im not sure you being the oldest one, lots of different kinf of people around here!

And that's one of the things which makes this site so awesome! :thumb_yello:

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