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Wondering your opinion..


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I came across this small blurb on the top of this page-



and what it said about the new Paul Rodgers Queen really got me thinking..


Do you think Mika would have been a better fit instead of Paul Rodgers? Or maybe that would just make all the people that compare him to Freddie feel like they were just replacing Freddie with someone similar. I mean i don't think he is hardly similar at all but hmm. Also, Do you think Mika would ever be interested in doing that? I kinda think he wouldn't be since he worked so hard to get where he is today by being himself. he can be brown, he can be blue, he can be the lead singer of queen? lol so what do you guys think??



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Mika would totally rock as the Fred it would be sooooo different he is all new and shiney. Queen are mature and so it would not seem like replacing fred, to me anyway, fred cant be replaced:thumb_yello:

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I personally wouldn't think it's a good idea. Although i would LOVE to hear him sing Queen, too many people are already comparing him, and too many haters already think he's trying to be like Freddie, so taking the lead in Queen's song would just be the cherry on top for them. Sure, Mika can do whatever he wants, but I know the press would say a lot on it.

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if you think about it, mika's voice is good to sing some of Queens songs, for instance, Killer Queen, and some songs that are just... a certain style but a lot of songs that are harder rock just wouldnt suit mika's voice as well, maybe they would i dont know


... and yeah i saw queen + paul live and it was perfect. they were amazing. I wouldnt change it. (unless it was freddie, obviously!!)


i think it would be so cool if queen (well rog + bri) did some songs with mika at some point just kinda to play around and stuff it would just be real neat but mika is mika, he has his own identity.


love them both, queen + mika <333

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