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Mika confirmed to play Big Chill Festival


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Just to bring this back up....


Mika is playing on the saturday 4th August....

Under 12's go free

its 60£ 4 unders 16's

And 125£ for Adult prices which is expensive if you want to only really see Mika, however there is a very high possible in meeting Mika at this festival as its a very small and very family friendly venue!!!

I bought my ticket and im bringing my 7yr old daughter who is so xcited at her 1st festival and having a chance on seeing Mika. I think Mika plays alot at venues 4 older fans but not so many for his younger ones!!! althou he is doing Preston for radio one but i think tickets are sold out for that one!!!

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where do i get tickets for this festival? it looks like they are all sold out on the site i am looking at :blink:


no worries huns ring this no. 0207734 8932... any probs let me know.... and shhhh dont tell anyone LOL if you do go let me know we can meet up (again) :thumb_yello:

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