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Mika is coming to Sweden next weekend (7 April)!!:roftl:YIPI!! And I am sooooooooo angry about it, do U know why? Hi is going to preform in a club called Berns wich has a yearlimit at 20 years old:thumbdown: ! I am 13... ...I mean, this is maybe the only time he will come to Sweden, and I can´t see him!!!!!!!!!! It it´s not fair!! I think that Mika has more fans in Sweden who are under 20 years old!! (I am sorry if my english isn´t correct!:wink2: )


// Linnea

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That stinks...he did that his first NY concert too, he had it in a club with a higher age limit. I think when you perform in places like that not all fans can attend. Even at the Gramercy theatre there was an age limit of 16 or older, or be accompanied by an adult. Sorry your going to miss his concert. They should adjust the age limit just that night and put bands on people's hands who are going to drink.

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