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With all my love...


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I wanted to say 'Hey' all you crazy Mika-Fans:biggrin2:


My name is Helena, I'm 17 and from germany. Mika is...wow, can't describe it. The first time I heard from him was in a german Queen-Message Board. I was impressed of his kind of singing and also from the song, "Grace Kelly"(especially the "Freddie"-thing:bleh: ). So I thought "Well, that's quite nice!", so two weeks after I've heard from him for the first time I went to England for my Work experience. I remember one day when I was drivíng home with my boss and the radio was on and they played "Grace Kelly". That was quite funny coz my boss started to sing!

So my friend and I went shopping one day in the city where we lived and I saw "Life in cartoon motion" and I had to OWN this CD! So I bought it and brought it to germany. Amazing! I LOVE this LP!

Well, back in Germany I never stopped to listen to this CD(ok, a few times I did). And because of that my friend an I will go to the concert in Munich in less that two weeks(10 April). I can't wait to see him! Think he's a great entertainer, isn't he?


Well, I also LOVE Queen and Freddie Mercury. I love them to death:biggrin2: Great musicians, great personalities...love em;)


What else, I like drama, I act since I am eight I guess and would looove to work as an actress after i finished the school.

I also like movies like Moulin Rouge or Pride and Prejudice(especially Matthew Macfadyen's Mr. Darcy!!!!).


Well, yeah that is me...so: Hi:blush-anim-cl:

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Hallo Helena, ich bin diavoli vom Queen-Forum. :D Schön, dass du meinem Link gefolgt bist :roftl:


Ich hoffe du hast viel Spass hier :) Violetsky




Hello Helena


I'm diavoli from the Queen-Forum :D Nice that you followed my link :roftl


Hope you have fund here :) Violetsky

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