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Hello from Pennsylvania US of A


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Hey everyone! My name is Sarah & i just joined MikaFanClub cuz obviously, i luv luv Mika! I heard about him on MTV way back in January & i've been hooked ever since. I went on the day his album was released here in the states & bought his CD (which is my all time favorite cd ever!) & i bought my friend a copy too cuz she luvs him. My friends & I have created a little inside club in our circle of friends called "Team mika" & we just spread the word about him & his awesome music at our school. We've even got some of our teachers to play the CD while we work on stuff! Anyways, its cool to be part of something like MikaFanClub. So i hope to hear more about everyones stories & such about Mika.




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Welcome here Sarah!


So, "Team Mika"?! You're Mikanizing!! To Mikanize: The act of spreading Mika around and trying to turn everyone into a Mika-ette.


I'm sure you'll have a blast here!!!! :wink2:

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