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Published: 02/04/2007 - 10:07:07 AM




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How does one go about creating a ‘record’ like this one? How do you compose a record in which nothing happens? MIKA knows, and knows well. This is mediocrity of the highest order – effortless nothingness.

The criminally mendacious press release that accompanied this ooze made the shocking claim that it is a ‘blast of pure pop energy’, which absolutely had to have been written through teary eyes and huge duress. MIKA, on this evidence, is anti-music.


MIKA’s ‘sound’ reminds me somewhat of mid-90s soporific specialist, D:Ream, a fellow peddler of music to shut eyes to. The two share an uncannily bad ear for style, form and arrangement, and, not having had the honour of seeing MIKA, I am tempted to believe they are one and the same person. How does ‘music’ like this get through the filter? Who’s it for?


The truly stunning aspect of this ‘song’ is that it isn’t even annoying; it doesn’t haunt your memory against your will like other musical felonies; it doesn’t scream to be turned off; it just glosses over you like a wave of stale air.


Music, even when it’s done badly, is, at the very least, supposed to try to engage you. MIKA’s ‘record’ couldn’t engage a telephone; has he even listened to it himself?


Perhaps I am missing the point. Perhaps this is modern satire and the joke is on me. After all, MIKA’s endlessly repeated narcissistic demand that everyone love him has the hallmarks of the post-post-post-post-ironic (or whatever) phase that we are now all apparently enjoying. That might also explain why music doesn’t actually have to be music anymore.


I can’t criticise this rubbish enough (I’m having to listen to it on repeat while I’m writing this because as soon as it’s finished I have absolutely no memory of it); it is preternaturally mundane.


An offence.


Review by Max Salsbury



:thumbdown: I still love this song!!

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How does ‘music’ like this get through the filter? Who’s it for?


Oh dear. Clearly, it's NOT for THIS GUY! Ouch.


I must admit, Love Today wasn't my favorite song when I first heard it, but it has steadily grown on me -- to the point where I MUST play it when I'm in the car, especially on these first warm spring days. I roll the windows down and sing along as loudly as I can... Everybody's gonna love today love today love today!


How can you NOT while listening to this tune?


Ah well. To each his own, I guess. <shrug>



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I LOVE "Love today" !!!! That guy must be brain-dead or have a stone instead of his heart not to respond to this song positively! It's so happy and bouncy, it puts the biggest grin on my face every time I listen to it!

I hope Mika didn't see that review, I wouldn't want some f***** to upset our boy!

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Ok so this is the first reallly bad review I've read... And I gotta say it makes me laugh.


I have very different tastes in music from all my friends... While everyone grew up and got into other genre's of music.. I was still a backstreet boys enthusiest...


Anyway... My friends all have different tastes, there's the r&b lovers, the classic rock lovers, the jungle and dance and random things *i've* never heard of lovers... And they love mika...


Its weird how it started, one day I had a friend download grace kelly for me.. And he ended up downloading the entire album because by some chance it downloaded faster than the one song. He fell in love with the music, I fell in love with it.. And mikas music was passed around so fast with every1 loving it and a lot actually going out to buy the cd (lots of people don't do that these days)

Also, I work at the mall.. And grace kelly gets a tonnnn of airplay.. So whenever its on the radio and there's a customer in the store, the customer is always like "oh I love this song"

SO my point.. After this whole rant, critics for the most part love him, most people in general seem to like him... So that leads me to believe that this critic... Is just trying 2 be different

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Whoever wrote this review, must be crazy to say things like that about MIKA. Mika is an incredible singer. He is filled with talent and people who don't know about music should be out of opinions. I hate when people mess with MIKA. I love this guy. Leave him alone. I know that everyone has an opinion, but if is not positive, don't bring that here. LOVE MIKA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Who cares about him?! I love the song and a stupid bitter son of a bit*h ain't gonna change my mind. :bleh: I know that when he ended writing that review he went to his room and listened to mika all day!

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This so called "offence" is no. 48 in the charts today and hasn't even been released as a single download yet.

Hmm. Someone somewhere thinks it is a bit catchy and memorable!:naughty:


It is? GREAT! I loooove that song! ... I think that guy might have missed something?

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion but poor Mr. Salisbury, I fear he is tone deaf :boxed:


lol that what i was thinking :) i think people that dont hear mika uniquness are just DEAF! its weird some people dont HEAR it....


oh and when i hrad the CD for the first time....love today was one of my fave :)

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