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hi from germany :)


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hi, i'm from munich/germany, and 30 years old, so i guess i'm one of the older mika fans. :)


i'm a take that fan, so the first time i heard about mika was when there were rumours that he would support them on their tour... and then a few weeks later i heard "grace kelly" on the radio and fell in love with that song immediately! :wub2: i then listened to some more of mika's music online, discovered that he would do a show in munich on april 10 and the next day i bought a ticket for the show (which i'm VERY MUCH looking forward to!!!)


now a few days ago i was looking for mika on youtube - and that's how i became addicted - this man is HOT!! ok so he's 7 years younger than me but who cares, lol :blush-anim-cl::naughty: - he's exactly the type of man i always go for, tall, slim, and... this hair! i LOVE his hair!!! :wub2: i love the way he moves and the look in his eyes, the way he seems a bit shy sometimes (although i really don't think he is! :wink2: ), and i love it when he plays piano, that makes me melt like icecream in the sun. :biggrin2:


well, and how did i find this website? as far as i remember, it was an URL on wikipedia.


P.S. some nice pix of mika, in case you haven't seen them yet:


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Guten Tag,


Willkommen here mellody...


Ok that's about all of my German... been there 2 times but still can't understand...


Thanks for the pics, there are beautifull.


And by the way... I'm older:wink2:

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Five more days till you see Mika, how excited are you?!!! :wink2:


don't ask lol - first time i wish the easter holidays were over already! :wink2:


thanx to all of you for the nice welcome messages! :original:

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