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Hello from Northern BC!


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Hey there!


Just joined in today, not sure why, I think it's just the energy to share the fun!


I was channel surfing kids shows one morning (not for me....) and passed by Mika's Grace Kelly playing on a video channel and I couldn't stop watching .... later that day I got around to checking youtube for more info and that was it... I was addicted to the music!


Each song brings a unique flavor to it, and leaves you wondering what's around the corner.... and it's just fun, fun, fun! It's like a twisted emotional ride that you can't get off of *grin*


Now me, and my three kids, have a dose of "Mika in the morning" to get us going!

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Hello Metsakukkia!

Is it possible you're even a bit Finn?

If so, please come and say hi to us Finns to our own thread! ^_^

You can find it under General Chin Wagging!


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