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Who's You Ringtone?

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So who do you have as your ringtone? I have quite a few, but the one that I am using right now is Grace Kelly. :thumb_yello: My other ringtones are:


Bathwater - No Doubt

Bones - The Killers

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen

Don't Get It Twisted - Gwen Stefani

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen

Now That You Got It - Gwen Stefani

Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani


So whatcha got? :-)

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I wish I had stuck in the middle as ringtone (surprise surprise..) but I cannot find it on midi file for my ancient mobile.. :tears:


at the moment I have phalbellus (spelling? ) classic music, 17th cent. anyway, beautiful tune.


before I had HP (double trouble and hedwig theme). I am a fan LOL

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I think I'm might going for the "dum da da di da di dum" sound...:mf_lustslow:


Mines been grace kelly since they offered it on his site!

But when my family calls its "tradition" from fiddler on the roof.


<3I want to get Ring Ring cause it's corny for a cell phone to a point of perfection.

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I am so proud and happy I have succeded in downloading "Relax, take it easy" on my cell phone some weeks ago ! But I'm not totally used to it and the other day, as I was walking in the street, I started to hear Mika singing and I though : "Cooooooool ! Mika's becoming more and more popular ! Somebody's listening to him in one of those houses!". Then, suddenly, I remembered it was the ringtone of my cell but it was too late ! I had missed the communication !

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