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New Mika Post on Perezhilton.com!!

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:mf_lustslow: It was so funny, I was just about to post this but you beat me to it! I love the pic and this cover is GREAT you should all listen to it, he sounds absolutely lovely. It's Dave Matthew's Band's "Satellite," beautiful in the original and beautiful when our boy does it.
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It's pretty obvious that Perez's readers do *not* like Mika. Yikes.

But I think that most of those losers just go on his site every day to insult Perez, no matter who he's posting about.


I'm amused that so many people are worshiping Dave Matthews in those comments. I HAAAATE Dave Matthews Band. They're my least favorite band ever! But I do like Mika's cover. I didn't even realize it was a DMB cover! :)

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