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Stuck in the Middle on Dutch radio!


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OK, not any more now. I was so excited, I just had to post it! :biggrin2:


I just came home to listen to Travis, who are live on 3FM now. I turned on the radio, Radio 2 was there, I just got something to drink before turning it to 3FM and suddenly there it was: Stuck in the Middle. :mf_rosetinted:


If I had come home a bit earlier I had not known about it - in that case I would have listened to Travis already. :wink2:


Thank you Frits Spits (my fav Radio 2 man) for playing my favourite Mika song and making such a nice comment about Mika! :thumb_yello:


Can't remember his exact words, but it was good, it was something about Mika being a nice blend of cultures and he mentioned LiCM.



In addition: today I heard Grace Kelly has made it to no. 3 in Holland so far. Our national pride and joy Jan Smit was the highest new entry today - on no. 1 :shocked: . I really really hope it will become a nice and friendly (and quick!) battle between Jan and Mika with Mika as the winner! :boxing:



Sorry for my English being crap, I am still too excited! :wink2:

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OK, I took some time to read the website of this radio program and I will try to explain what it is about and why he played this song.


Frits Spits listens to a lot of (new) albums. His program is all about new albums. Every good song on a new album is rewarded with a 'streep' (say a point). So the more 'strepen' the better the album. And apparently Stuck in the Middle got a 'streep' so that is why he played it.


LiCM is 12th on the list so far (7 out of 11): http://destrepenvanspits.kro.nl/strepenmeesters.aspx


I am getting quite curious now which 7 songs he likes and which 4 not. Maybe I will send him an e-mail tomorrow, it's too late for that now. :biggrin2:

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I heard parts of 2 songs of Mika on 2 Dutch shows called Spuiten en Slikken and Surviving Nature (I think it was that one..)


On the first they played a part of Relax and on the second a part of Grace Kelly... I suddenly liked those shows...:naughty:

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