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wow! Pictures!


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I love those pics from the MuchMusic interview because his hair looked great. I was trying to take a screenshot from the video on YouTube but they were too small low-res. Might try to make an avatar out of these :)


Thanks for posting!

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I just saw.. If I am not mistaken - I think it's the Swedish brand J.Lindeberg!! :punk: :punk: :mf_lustslow:


It is, and he has Cheap Monday jeans as well :)

Maybe he likes Swedish brands, I hope he wants to were mine, when I become a big fashion desginer ^_^

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Bosoming? Like, bosoms? Like, breasts? Like, he looks breasting or like breasts? I'm confused!! :lmfao:


Aussie :insane:


haha its one of my words and you just have to use context clue to figure out what its function is in each sentence. Usually it is replace an expletive as in "What the bosom do you think you're doing!?" or its simply showing excess of some sort, kind of like the word "really" as in the sentence from my last post. Of course, it can also be replacing an expletive in that sentence as well. it all depends on how you read it and the rest of the sentence. ^_^

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