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Magnifico trabajo, Daglez !


I have put this page in my favourites (I have created a file especially for Mika and there are five sites in it, now !). Sorry I don't put all my message in spanish. I have to improve and remember my lessons, a little !

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I did go, seems like I'm the only one around to be so luky as to get tickets:roftl: I've seen two of my pics on the site, did I send them? I honestly don't remember and I was a bit freaked out when I saw them:blink:


I posted few of them and a short review in this thread:



It was amazing, even though the club was a crap, the band had to dress out in the street, where they put the garbage cans!!! I was ashamed, what did Mika think of Madrid?:boxed:

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I wouldn't affiliate to a fan website in which all OT people are members, just doesn't seem right to mix good music with bubble-gum songs made for teenagers without musical culture of any kind. Boy, are you sure you want such people in your site? No offence, really, hope I didn't bother you, it's only an advice:thumb_yello:

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