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well, let's see...

this is all new to me - never joined a fan club before in my life!

what can i say?

i first heard Mika when i was watching mtv with my son in the morning before school - back in february - grace kelly it was

"catchy little tune"

looked him up on myspace & listened to the songs on his profile

had love today on my profile for a couple weeks

and then was really suprised when i saw the red phone commercial on tv

(hey!!!! i know that song!)

when i found Mika's cd in the store i was really excited -

(didn't realize that it had only been released the day before!)

so i listened to the entire cd & fell in love with the music!

my 9 year old daughter loves the cd too!

(bonding experience here!)

then i found myself constantly going to Mika's myspace & reading everyone else's comments

(listening to cd over & over)

then came the "omg - he's really shmexy!" stage

those lips are freaking awesome!

then i realized that i am no longer a teenager

(i will admit that i was a duran duran/cure/siouxsie & the banshees/thompson twins -the list goes on...- fanatic when i was "younger")

but what i began to realize -

after watching/reading/googling all his interviews & stuff on the tv/internet -

(& of course listening to the cd nonstop)-

i had a spiritual/intellectual awakening!

this boy is a freaking gift from above!

the effect that he has on everyone is so amazing!

so i leave my first comment on Mika's myspace

"cd is amazingly wonderful....not very often a young artists melody can awaken the sleepy souls of so many"

(wondering if he will actually read it)

and then another one -

"give your mommy a big hug & a kiss for me for bringing you into this world!

(yes- i really would give his mommy a big hug & kiss!)

& then my son happens to read it

he just smiles that sassy-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-my-mother? smile

he tells my friends that i am obsessed with Mika

& that I am cheating on his dad!

and i have to admit that it's probably true!

(doesn't help that my hubby is currently deployed in the navy!)

i know he's freaking adorable to the infinity squared

but does anyone else feel this spiritual/emotional thing?

(i haven't looked around the website much yet)

just wanted to sound off!


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Top Posters In This Topic

you've probably hit the nail on the head for lots of us!

my kids know the members on here as well as I do (cos I'm here alot):naughty:


Welcome to the fanclub... and have lots of fun!!!:punk:

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