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Mika Laugh Thread


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Yeeeees! I love it too, specially when he goes like: he ehe he ehe he ehe... :roftl: It is sooo funny!


Linnea! You went to the Stockholm-concert right? Post a review! Now! Snälla!

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Swoon swoon :wub2:

His laugh is heavenly! Some people say it sounds stupid but it makes me all melty and giggly and awwww...:wub2::blush-anim-cl:


those people know nothing :naughty: his laugh is so natural and adorable :blush-anim-cl:

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I saw the Popworld interview on the TV, and thought it was brilliant, Alex and Alexa are one of the best double acts on the telly, love watching Popworld just for them.

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