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I say,look at that!


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"Crazy" indeed my friend, crazy, crazy, crazy!! :naughty:


That's one of Jodi Marr's pictures :original: Ahh...it's amazing how we've archived the pictures in our brains as well as on our computers!

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omg that's sooo weird!!! In the "duet with mika-thread or something like that", I said I would love to see mika doing a duet with steven tyler loolll, that was before i saw this pic... now i'm sure it would be a nice idea :) how cute does he look on this pic:mf_lustslow: (mika that is lol)

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yeah !!! that's the pic I posted on the "what's your favorite Mika pic" thread... Steven Tyler rocks my socks ! :punk:

i always look at your avatar and i've never realized it was steven tyler! that is awesome!!:punk:

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