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Mika,honey...do you read our messages?


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yeah he does read the forums. Whether he actually posts, or whether he has actually signed up or not, is unknown. It would be nice to think he has, but even nicer if he could come out and tell us so :thumb_yello:

but then he'd be bombarded with fans, and I'm sure he doesn't want that XD

but yeah anyway, there's your answer, sadly not from Mika himself though! :(

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I think that he does because I suposse that he wants to know what people think about him! If I were famous and I had a forum I would read what my fans say about me :D

So, I think that he reads the messages, not all, but the ones that reading the topic he thinks can interest him!


Hello sweet mika!! I can be a Tamagotchi too! hahahaaaa:mf_lustslow:

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Dear Mika's people,

about you, sometimes Mika read our message?

I'd like this....But we are so much!!!

I hope to find here one day...his answer!

Kisses for Mika and everybody!:thumb_yello:


anyone remeber the story of how he moved the piano because if the martin and mika thread?

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