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College Radio Triumphs Again


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Hello All,

I first heard of Mika through The Impact, the Michigan State University college radio station, just a few days ago. (I think the Midwest is the last place that innovative music penetrates - so this should be considered a major accomplishment!). I've been spending lots of time (and neglecting my work :) since then finding out what I've been missing - mostly through YouTube - and my copy of Life in Cartoon Motion is in the mail!


I think that Mika is the most instantly endearing artist that I've ever heard. In fact, I will admit that this is the first and only fan club that I've ever joined - not to mention the first that I've ever posted anything in! I'm a little on the edge of the age-bracket that is used to this medium.


Just a little about me: I'm a wildlife ecologist - and I love what I do. Right now I'm working on a Masters degree studying bobcats in MI, and I start a PhD program in Seattle soon - hopefully working on Jaguars on the border of US and Mexico. Music is the balance that keeps me sane in the sometimes overbearingly logical science world I live in. So thanks to Mika for making the world of music a better place!





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