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The Official Lollipop Girl Fanclub!


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Lollipop girl is my big example! I wanna be just like her! (apart from the hyperactive monkey thingy:sneaky2: )


If you also love lollipop girl and her lollipops, you can join our fanclub!

But you have to show that you're a fan! You can do that by showing your lollipop username. (like lollipopgirl92 or lollypop) Anything with monkeys and lollipops will do!

Or by showing us your special Image or signature. Or any other creative way!


P.S: Please help us to find a way to stop those mean monkeys!

Question of the week: Do you have any bad eating habits? Like suckin' too much lollipops or chewing too much chewing gum?




lollypop Lollipop Girl Fan #1 (!!)

lollipopgirl92 Lollipop Girl Fan #2

lollipop Lollipop Girl Fan #3

lolli617 Lollipop Girl Fan #4

my rainbow radio Lollipop Girl Fan #5

lollipopGirl07 Lollipop Girl Fan #6

AshleyMiranda Lollipop Girl Fan # 7

Captainsparrow127 Lollipop Girl Fan # 8

RosieLou Lollipop Girl Fan # 9

Lollipop15 Lollipop Girl Fan # 10

Femifrosk Lollipop Girl Fan # 11

Shontih Lollipop Girl Fan # 12

Nikoulini Lollipop Girl Fan #13

Kal Lollipop Girl Fan #14

Italianfan Lollipop Girl Fan #15

Shezzy12 Lollipop Girl Fan #16

*Danique Lollipop Girl Fan #17

Mikachu Lollipop Girl Fan #18

curly Lollipop Girl Fan #19

Claire Lollipop Girl Fan #20

Gizeh_pr Lollipop Girl Fan #21

Hotdlp lollipop Girl Fan #22

LollipopGirlSian Lollipop girl fan #23

Jadygirl Lollipop Girl Fan #24

Sara Lollipopgirl Girl Fan #25

MikaRMS Lollipop Girl Fan #26

Sheik Lollipop Girl Fan #27 & Freak Lollipopgirl # 1

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Top Posters In This Topic

heehee Can I join!?!? I love lollies and despise monkeys.! Always have... They are the only animal aside from humans who kill just to kill. And though they aren't brilliant, they are capable of plotting and planning a murder or theft (of lollipops in particular). And they are bosoming frightening as can be! They are three feet tall and 10 times stronger than you could ever hope to be! If thats not scary, I don't know what is. The only ones I like are the little capuchin monkeys because they are rather fluffy and cute.

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Can older girls join???? Or is there a cut off age lol????


of course you can join! everybody's welcome!





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