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All You People Who Love MIKA.


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Hello, My Name Is Austin James Schock. I Am New To This Fan Club And I'm Already Enjoying Myself. Anyways, I Wanted To Tell Anyone Who Has Bought MIKA's CD To Go To Epinions.com And Write A Review About It. I Wrote A Review About It. Basically If You Write A Really Good Review, It Helps Get Other People To Buy MIKA's CD's. Thus Having More People Learn About The Amazing MIKA. So Basically, Go Check It Out.



A Fellow MIKA Lover.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi, :welcomeani: to the forums Austin James Schock !! Thanks for the link.... just read your review, that was great and FUNNY too!! I like your bottom line ( why you would buy Hilary Duffs cd...:roftl: :roftl: ) and I agree about the dark lyrics, mainstream critics don't seem to get it:blink:

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