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Two French Interviews (Traduction SVP!)


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Wonder if he can sing Grace Kelly on "lebanesisk" (didn't know how to translate that word).


Lebanese. Right? :) And as far as I know, he hasn't sung 'Grace Kelly' in Lebanese. :)


You're so lucky Sou. Ultimate Mika Guru. CONGRATULATIONS!




You'll be one before you know it! ;)


:punk: OoO CONGRATULATIONS ON NUMBER 1000!!!!!! :punk:


Thank youuuu!!!! And it's Mika-related! yeehaww! lol


how cute is that??? he sang in french, awwwwwww :wub2:


Very cute!!!!

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I found it in a kind of box beside the video.


The 2nd interview.

Canadian interview with Mika in French.


Canada, March 2007.


Translation (Provided by Naila):


How are you?


Mika: Great, and you? (He says "vous in French, it's "you" but more polite)


Yeah! Is it your first time in Montreal?


Mika: Or maybe "tu" (you, but more friendly version), can I say "tu"? It's easier.


Yes! Is it your first time in Montreal?


Mika: Yeah, it's my first time.


And so far how do you think it is?


Mika: It's really great!


We're gonna talk about influences, because obviously when someone's new...


Mika: Influences! There we go! Tell me!


No, no, no! I'll just tell you names, and you just answer "yes" or "no" it's gonna be very easy!



Mika: No.




Mika: No...Wham?!




Mika: No...


The Bee Gees?


Mika: Not much.




Mika: A little; I like their songs.


The Scissor Sisters?


Mika: Oh yeah, I like it, it's good. It's not a huge influence, but there are a lot of similarities between us.


There's a lot of speculation over your sexual orientation. Are you surprised?


Mika: Very surprised! I'm very surprised that in 2007, this can be something over which everyone is fighting just to know about it...It's a bit too much.


When did you know you could sing like this [falsetto]?


Mika: Hmm...I don't know, it was an accident.


You were messing around and..


Mika: Sorry?


You were messing around and then you realized you could sing that high?


Mika: No, one day, I went to see my friends in a bar, and I started talking like this (does a high pitched voice), and I discovered I had another voice, no, I'm kidding...I don't know! I..I...I don't know, honestly, I don't know, it was completely an accident.


Well, thank you very much! I wish you the best luck.


Mika: Thanks to you too! (more)

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you can see the second interview and it's translation as well as some other interviews in french with their translation in this thread :




for the first one... maybe it's kinda hard to translate... I have to go to bed now, it's getting late... maybe my friends from Fance can help ? cause there are a lot of expressions in there that we don't really use here in Québec... if it has not been translated tomorrow night I'll do it ! :thumb_yello:

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here's my trial:


maybe you can have a quick look at it and correct the mistakes/complete the gaps, sunshine?

For I am by far not sure if I got everything right....




The young anglo-lebanese succeeding with his first album “Life in cartoon motion” surprised

his audience at Trabendo in Paris where he abridged the spiritual bond between Elton John and Freddie Mercury last night.


Sometimes you just can’t help it, there are very nerve-racking boys in life. Let’s take e.g. Mika, an only 23 year old anglo-lebanese with a model’s aspect, women adore him.


He is a self-educated musician with an enourmous voice, a trapezist and a real showman.

Mika is already on top of the French album sales with his first record.

The boy is touched by grace.


Mika that’s pop opera in technicolor, full of elegant and colored rainbow music.

He had to struggle for two and a half years with music producers wanting to change him in order to make him sound like others.


And the music industry has to admit that Mika has a unique style.


Mika: It’s complicated pop music. That is strange because I like to create songs in which everything is really simple and the ideas I have sometimes are a little (*strange*).

I improve reality. I take the odd, wacky, outcast and put it on a stage, on a throne.


When he was little the teachers at school detested him and so did the students who even insulted him.


But today Mika decided to live his life joyfully in a big cartoon way and he continues. His concert on June, 30th is already sold out.

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